A full-service animal hospital caring for small animals, avian, pocket pets and exotic patients.

Kindness Pet Clinic is a full-service animal hospital specializing in providing compassionate veterinary care for pets of all shapes and sizes. Located just 12 minutes south of Des Moines in Indianola, we offer quality care for your pet with the added benefit of small-town friendliness and value.

Built-in 2006, our beautiful clinic was founded by Drs. Jayne Tabor and Scott Moline, who has been a part of the Indianola community for over 20 years. Our veterinarians always take the time to listen to your concerns, ask questions, and work alongside you to determine the best care options for your individual pet’s health needs.

In addition to our traditional veterinary services, we also offer after-hours emergency service for our active clients. Please feel free to call and talk to one of our team members to ask questions or inquire about prices.

Animal and Pet Vaccination Services

We offer all routine vaccines for dogs, cats and ferrets

  • Dog distemper/parvo
  • Cat distemper
  • Kennel Cough
  • Cat Feline Leukemia
  • Lyme Disease
  • 3-year Rabies
  • Vaccines for Ferrets
  • Dog Corona

Hospital Care

  • We have separate kennels for dogs and cats to decrease the stress for each
  • We also have an ICU for those pets needing constant supervision or those who may spread their disease to other pets
  • Very ill animals will be checked on after regular hours to insure their status


Kindness Pet Clinic offers boarding as a service for our clients. We have separate kennels for dogs and cats as well as Special Care Kennels for those pets needing extra attention. We are primarily a Veterinary Clinic and Hospital so our boarding facilities are limited.

We recommend calling well in advance to book your boarding reservations.

We have 3 foot by 6 foot runs as well as smaller kennels for the dogs, and a fenced in play yard.

Due to limited space we do have a 24 hour cancellation policy. If your pet’s boarding appointment is not cancelled 24 hours or more in advance you will be charged one nights stay per animal.

Well Pet Care

  • Physicals are given with vaccines at no extra charge
  • Stool checks for worms
  • Heartworm Checks
  • Toe nail trims
  • Feline Leukemia and Feline Aids testing

Spays/ Neuters/ Cat Declaws

  • Routine surgeries are on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday mornings by appt.
  • We perform cat, dog, rabbit and ferret spays and neuters
  • All pets are carefully monitored during anesthesia
  • Cat declaws can be front feet or all four feet
  • All pets are kept overnight for no extra charge to lessen complications
  • Anesthesia is included in our price quotes

Sick Pet Care

  • We make every effort to see your sick pet the day you call
  • Our doctors will examine your pet then give you options and costs for treating your pet
  • We examine rabbits, hamsters, Guinea pigs, ferrets, ducks, raccoons, snakes, iguanas, reptiles, exotic birds as well as dogs and cats
  • With X-rays and Labs available in our office we can give you answers quick

Orthopedic (Bone) Surgery

  • Should your best friend break a bone or injure a joint we can do many surgeries in our office
  • We can also splint many broken legs at a reasonable cost

In Clinic Labwork

  • Kindness Pet Clinic has a full Laboratory to check your pet’s bloodwork from white counts to liver, kidney, pancreas health, urine check, diabetes screening
  • We try to give you results quickly so that treatment can be started

Dental Care

  • We check your pet’s teeth with each vaccination
  • If a Dental Cleaning is needed we have an ultrasonic dental machine and the expertise to pull heavily damaged teeth This is routinely an outpatient surgery and your pet can go home the same day

Emergency Surgeries

We have the experience to perform many emergencies and special surgeries such as:

  • C-sections
  • Removal of swallowed items from the intestines
  • Tumor removal
  • Amputations
  • Repair of rolled in eyelids
  • Repair Cuts and Bite wounds
  • Rupture of ligaments in the knees